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PG&E could be gone in five years


There's a new map of solar-power cost projections that estimates that San Franciscans could replace PG&E power with local distributed solar as early as 2017. Sfist reported on the map today -- and it adds to the clear evidence that San Francisco needs to devote resources to building its own clean-energy infrastructure. Read more »

Guardian editorial: PG&E's system fails again!


EDITORIAL There's no question that officials from Santa Clara — thrilled to have finalized financing for a new 49ers stadium — were taking full political advantage of the Dec. 19 blackouts at Candlestick Park. There's no question that the event Mayor Ed Lee called a "national embarrassment" helped guarantee that the team will leave San Francisco after one more season.

But this is about more than football — and the mayor and the supervisors ought to be using this latest PG&E screw-up to take a serious look at the company's reliability and its impact on the city.

This is hardly the first embarrassing PG&E blackout in San Francisco. For the past few years, the private utility's aging infrastructure has been failing, leaving businesses and residents in the dark. And while PG&E officials are trying to blame the city for the latest snafu, everyone admits that the problem started when a PG&E power line snapped. Read more »

More reasons why PG&E hurts the city


I know that the folks in Santa Clara are just taking full political advantage of the Candlestick blackout, buy you have to admit: They have a persuasive case. Here's today's Bay Citizen:Read more »

The lights are on in Santa Clara


It's ironic that PG&E is trying to blame the (brief) power outages at Candlestick -- seen live, nationwide, on what was otherwise a great Monday Night Football game -- on San Francisco. Read more »

PG&E's tragically misplaced priorities challenged


Throughout the spring political season, we at the Guardian argued there were more important things on which Pacific Gas & Electric could be spending $45 million – the amount it spent on Prop. 16, its losing effort to kill public power programs in California – such as infrastructure maintenance, lowering its high rates, or adding more renewable projects to its dirty energy portfolio.

Read more »

Restore Hetch Hetchy throws another curveball


It would be lovely to be able to talk seriously about removing the dam in Hetch Hetchy Valley, to restore John Muir's "holiest temple" and expand hiking and camping areas in Yosemite. But I'm not ready to go there right now -- and to claim that giardia in the water is a good reason to dynamite O'Shaugnessy Dam is a bit beyond silly.Read more »

PG&E has no friends


The full-page ad on the back of the front section of today's San Francisco Chronicle shows exactly how far PG&E has fallen in its political fortunes.

The Yes on 16 ad lists all endorsers of this godawful ballot measure -- and other than the Chamber of Commerce, there's not one San Francisco politician, community group, or organization on the list. Not one.Read more »