Hello Sailor

Ahoy! Hoist your freak flag at the PUMA Yard, 'Cubic Lust,' Dick Slap, Skratchpad, Metro Area, Danny Krivit, more parties this week 


SUPER EGO A "yacht" sounds like something I spit up after huffing too much Air Wick Crisp Linen Room Freshener, but apparently it's that boat from the Duran Duran "Rio" video? And America's Cup isn't a Simon Cowell-produced fantasy half-naked athletic protectivewear "talent" contest? Harumph. Well, at least we get a party out of it. In all the boat-race branding hysteria, the people at PUMA are pulling together two months of neato, free, and yuppie-free lineups of daytime and evening parties at its America's Cup PUMA Yard temporary space at Pier 27. Read more »