Queer Issue 2011

No equality without economic equality

The unified San Francisco queer movement is history


San Francisco's queer movement isn't what it used to be.

Even the Castro District — once the center of perpetual protests and street organizing, not to mention the Tom Ammiano write-in campaign — bears little resemblance to the neighborhood that used to be considered the gayest in the country. A recent Advocate survey didn't even mention San Francisco in its list of 15 gayest cities.Read more »

Editor's notes

Gay youth aren't over the rainbow yet


Yearbook of heartbreak and outrage

A 40-year retrospective highlights the Bay Area Reporter's heroic AIDS coverage



The giant commemorative AIDS ribbon that was up on Twin Peaks during the first half of June has been taken down, but the 30th anniversary of the epidemic, and how it changed San Francisco, is still reverberating throughout the city.

"It was like paradise," Mark Ottman said as he guided me through the high-ceiling lobby, quiet as a library, of Union Bank on 400 California St. "For a few years. Then things got really scary."Read more »