Racial Profiling

Oakland cafe owner keeps it in perspective


On Saturday night, the window of Oakland’s Awaken Cafe got smashed after protests erupted in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal.

“We had a show going on. It was startling, but the band kept playing,” says cafe owner Cortt Dunlap. Since it’s located along the perimeter of Frank Ogawa Plaza, renamed Oscar Grant Plaza when Occupy Oakland's tent city materialized there in the fall of 2011, the vandalism threw Awaken into the spotlight.Read more »

SFPD responds (weirdly) to allegations of racial disparity


The San Francisco Police Department has issued a head-scratching response to charges of racial disparity in marijuana arrests, possibly in an attempt to defuse controversy over a recent incident that already has some members of the African American community up in arms.Read more »

A tale of police priorities


By Anh Lê

On Friday afternoon, November 9th, as I was walking on Howard St. near 3rd, I was physically assaulted twice by a Caucasian man walking with an accomplice, an African American woman. I was punched in the jaw the first time while I was still on the sidewalk; the assailant followed me into the street traffic to punch me in the jaw again. Many people passed by, yet none stopped to help. Read more »