Nite Trax: The Gathering raves past 20


Talking to founder Martin O'Brien about the party crew's latest get-together -- and an upcoming film about the early Bay rave scene

Earlier this year, SF's Wicked rave crew celebrated 20 years, and now another seminal and actually legendary party, The Gathering, will mark two full decades of debauchery on Sat/17 (10pm-6am, check the website for location and price -- it's ravey that way! -- and here's the Facebook invite). This party will feature an all-star lineup of much-loved DJs, from Justin Martin and many of the cross-pollinating Wicked and Sunset party DJs to Raindance's Little John and club stalwart Toph One. 

The Gathering started when promoters from separate, then-smaller parties -- Malachy from Come-Unity, Tony from Destiny, Kenny and Harry from Pieces, and Martin Eklypz -- decided to combine forces for something huge, "and the circle was complete" according to the Gathering's legend. "Malachy busted out an old Hopi prophecy book" with a passage for that year, 1991, that read:

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