3 recipes for a (booze-filled) vegan Super Bowl


Leaving aside the fact that the Niners will not be playing in it, Super Bowl 2012 is shaping up to be a helluva game. For one, you'll be able to get your play-by-play commentary from polar bears, corporate trickery though it may be. Two, the Bay Area will not be subjected to dead fetus ads at half-time. Three, Madonna's probably bringing M.I.A. and Nikki Minaj to whatever color of glitter explosion halftime will be. Four, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to gorge yourself on salty snacks, cold beers, and hearty stew, all of the above because we live in Amurrca and that's how it works. 

Yes vegans, even you! John Schlimm, author of the Tipsy Vegan (Da Capo, 176pp, $17)-- which we reviewed in this winter's Guardian Books Issue -- was good enough to share with us some recipes for a nice little lineup of vegan Big Game treats, including whiskey-specked hot-to-trot peanuts, aforementioned hearty veggie-and-beer stew, and a prescription for guacamole that necessitates tequila. See that? Each of Sclimm's dishes are not only animal product-free, but also embued with that lifeblood of all vegans, alcohol. Read more »

Chickpeas and kugel: two recipes for a very veggie Christmas


I started seeing retail sales around town marked “last minute Christmas shopping events” a week and a half ago – who are these freakish people that think two weeks is not enough time to score trinkets for one's loved ones? 

I hereby present to you two holiday recipes from the hottest new vegan and vegetarian on the market -- with the explicit reminder that you have ample time to prepare them before a nice Friday night 'neath the Christmas tree, clutching bowls of chickpea piccata and vegan kugel, and munching in time to a bangin' holiday mix. Oh wait, I didn't get a tree yet either. No matter baby -- we got nothing but time. Read more »