Reggae on the River

Tobacco-free cigarettes and Alika: Reggae on the River, through a lens


Last week I decided it would be fun to check out Reggae on the River for the first time. I called up my brother DJ Guacamole to see if he'd like to come along, only to discover that he was DJing the late-night dancehall dome at Cooks Valley Campground. Without any further hesitation I jumped in my vintage Beemer and headed up to Sebastopol to meet up with him and his DJ buddy, Jacques of WBLK. Luckily for me, Jacques and Guac are well-connected in the NorCal reggae scene. We piled our stuff in Guac's van, I stuffed myself into the rear seat between sleeping bags and coolers full of Guinness. Three hours later we were greeted by Guac's dreaded friend in charge, Chris Tafari. He set us up with an awesome campsite just behind the dome stage. Read more »