Reproductive Rights

Sandra Fluke's in town! As are the pro-life crazies! Your week in sexy events


40 years ago, a historic ruling gave us control over our own reproductive health. This week, a female state representative in New Mexico proposed banning abortions after rape to preserve police evidence. Shiver. Feel like a protest?

You're in luck because this weekend, various groups all claiming to represent the best in women's interests will be marking Roe vs. Wade's historic judgement. But wait, will you attend the pro-choice carnival, the pro-choice flash mob, the anti-choice rally and march, or the pro-choice, anti-porn counter-demonstration? They are all happening this Saturday morning and early afternoon in Justin Herman Plaza. (Rebecca Bowe broke this story on our site over at the Politics blog, BTW.) We suggest being there, at least to watch the drama unfold. Happily, at least for the moment, choice is alive and well when it comes to weekend activism!  Read more »

Getting into it: 'Vagina' is still a book about vagina


If there is one thing that some feminists like to do, it is tell each other that they are not really feminist -- or, judging from the Internet over the past weeks, that's what newsmedia enjoys paying them to write about. Imagine that two competing “waves” at an NFL game crash into each other and their wavers begin hurling epithets involving biological primacy (“the wave's appeal lies in the rolling motion of the womb experience!”) and unacknowledged privilege (“our wave does not rely on fancy running shoes for buoyancy, or expensive snack bar items for flourish!”) 

Naomi Wolf wrote a book called Vagina: A Biography, and is now being torn apart, bit by bit, by representatives of various feminist waves in nearly every vaunted publication in the land. I'm saying: she did write a book called Vagina, though. Read more »

Pro-life Bernal billboard corrected by feminist vandals


[H/t Bernalwood]

Those in favor of a women's right to choose need no longer avert their eyes from that squalling pro-life billboard on the corner of Cortland and Andover -- some midnight marauders "corrected" its anti-choice sentiment. Who says there's no good street art in San Francisco?