San Francisco Transit First

Editorial: Free Muni tickets for kids makes sense


San Francisco is a transit-first city that has spent millions of dollars over the years trying to convince people to ride Muni. And yet, one of the best and most effective ways to get people out of their cars is facing surprising opposition.

Sup. David Campos has been pushing for months to get Muni to allow young people to ride free. It makes immediate sense: The school district, perpetually short on funds, is cutting back bus service (which is preferable to cutting back classroom instruction). For low-income families, the disappearance of a yellow school bus, which offered transportation free of charge, is a financial obstacle — and the last thing anyone needs is another obstacle to keep kids out from coming to school.

Reduced-fare youth passes are already available — but they aren't easy to get. Parents need to show up in person, during the day, with a birth certificate, passport or other government ID; that's hard for a lot of working parents. The school district ought to be able to sell the passes, but right now nobody has the resources to make that happen. Read more »