School Board

Endorsement interviews: Shamman Walton for School Board


Shamann Walton, who runs a youth development program, told us what most candidates tell us -- that the schools don't have enough money. But he's also suggesting solutions, ones that don't require the kind of dramatic change in Sacramento that is years away. He talks about leverage federal vocational training funds, about pushing to get more General Fund money for the San Francisco schools, about demanding that developers set aside some money for public education. Walter has plenty of experience in education -- he taught at a public school in Solano County, worked with at-risk kids and has helped the SFUSD with support and transition programs.

Walton said he would have voted against skipping seniority for the so-called Superintendent's Zone schools; when it comes to layoffs, he said, "you have to let the teachers and the union decide that." You can listen to the full interview after the jump. Read more »

Endorsement interviews: Rachel Norton for School Board


Rachel Norton, one of three incumbents seeking re-election to the San Francisco School Board, sees herself as an advocate for parents, particularly parents of special-ed kids. She told us she was proud of the dramatic gains the district has made in some of the lowest-achieving schools and said that in her time on the board, the district has done a remarkable job of managing its budget. Read more »

Endorsement interviews: Sandra Fewer for School Board


The San Francisco School Board has long been a fractious crew, with members sharply disagreeing on a lot of issues. They still disagree -- but according to all the board members we've interviewed, there's a much-better working relationship these days. Sandra Fewer, who has served for four years, talks about that -- and restorative justice, ethnic studies and how she wants to build on her accomplishments in a second term. You can listen to the entire interview after the jump. Read more »

School Board to hire new sup't -- quickly


San Francisco School Superintendent Carlos Garcia is retiring, which is no surprise -- most school superintendent's rarely stay anywhere for more than five years, and Garcia's contract was up in June. Read more »