Sen. Ted Lieu

Dick Meister: Stalking and killing for sport


By Dick Meister

Dick Meister is a San Francisco writer. You can contact him through his website,, which includes more than 350 of his columns

Imagine leading a snarling hound – or a pack of them – to chase a badly frightened bear or bobcat up a tree for you to shoot to death. There are lots of hunters – "sportsmen," as they're called – who think that to be great fun.

Boy, are they mad at Gov. Jerry Brown for recently signing a bill that will outlaw the practice in California beginning next year.  As the bill's author, State Senator Ted Lieu, noted, "There is nothing sporting in shooting an exhausted bear clinging to a tree limb, or a cornered bobcat."

California legislators thankfully are not the only ones who agree with that. The barbaric practice of using dogs to hunt bears has been banned in two-thirds of the other states. But why not ban it everywhere, along with all other hunters' cruelties? Read more »