Senate goes after tax-cheating Apple


Glad I'm not the only one who thinks its an outrage that the world's most valuable company, with vast revenues and huge cash surpluses, is looking for ways to avoid paying federal taxes. Read more »

Nice boats, Carly


Carly Fiorina's got herself a couple of nice boats.

Barbara Boxer, that damn liberal, is making fun of poor Carly just because she has not one but two yachts, one in Sausalito and one in DC. The Chron's got a pic of the 70-foot Dyna Craft, which looks a bit small in the photo. There's also a 56-foot Sea Ray.Read more »

Boxer's better off than Brown


I know this is political heresy, but I was encouraged by the results of the Field poll on Boxer and Fiorina. I remember back in 1982, when Milton Marks, then a liberal Republican state senator, challenged incumbent Congressmember Phil Burton -- the legendary Democratic leader -- with an anti-incumbent message fairly similar to what Fiorina is throwing at Boxer. Read more »