SF Weekly

The Guardian, the Examiner, and the Weekly


As you can all imagine, I'm getting calls and emails, so let me clear it up: Yes, San Francisco Newspaper Co. has bought SF Weekly.

Yes, Todd Vogt is the co-owner of the Examiner, Guardian and now Weekly, but for the record, I am the editor and publisher of the Guardian.Read more »

The strange deal behind the SF Weekly sale


We all knew something like this was coming. Village Voice Media, owner of SF Weekly and 12 other alternative papers, has been looking for a way out of a seemingly intractable bind for some time now.Read more »

D5, Mirkarimi, and 8 Washington


Everybody knows that the timing of the Board of Supervisors vote on ousting the sheriff for official misconduct is bad for Ross Mirkarimi. We're talking about a huge, high-profile decision just weeks before some of the key board members are up for re-election, two of them in hotly contested races. For Sups. Eric Mar and Christina Olague, it's going to particularly difficult: Mar's in a moderate district, and he'll be attacked from the more conservative David Lee if he supports Mirkarimi. Read more »

Dear SFW: HST is dead. And you're not him


Note to SF Weekly (and the other Village Voice Media papers that are running the same story this week):Read more »

SF Weekly tries the Supreme Court


SF Weekly and its chain parent have asked the state Supreme Court to review the precedent-setting victory for small business in our predatory pricing suit. The appeal's a longshot -- the high court only takes a small fraction of the cases presented to it. But the appeal shows that Village Voice Media is still trying to overturn the state's Unfair Practices Act. Read more »

Court denies SF Weekly's request for rehearing


The state Court of Appeal denied Sept 9th a request by SF Weekly and its chain parent for a rehearing in the Bay Guardian's lawsuit. That allows the appelate decision affirming the Guardian's trial court victory  to stand.

The court issued a few minor amendment to footnotes in the case, but denied the Weekly's request that the evidence be reconsidered. That means the decision remains as precedent-setting case law in California.Read more »

Court upholds Bay Guardian verdict


In a dramatic victory for small independent businesses in California, the state Court of Appeal ruled Aug. 11th that the state’s Unfair Practices Act protects the victims of predatory pricing as long at they can prove that a bigger company sold its product below cost and did so with the intent of damaging the smaller competitor. You can read the decision here.Read more »