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A primo party plan: The Goldies, Slow Hands, Gilles Peterson, Disco Daddy, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, and many more


SUPER EGO "A man, a plan, a gram: anal canal!" Why some queen just shrieked this quasi-palindrome in my earhole at 5am outside the 7-Eleven — not the Castro one, I have my pride — absolutely no idea. But the poor, bedraggled dear has a point: BE PREPARED.Read more »

Nite Trax: Slow Hands drops the BPM


The singular DJ speaks of slow house, fraud players, and the pop future of dance music

"Oh, the slo-mo thing. I guess I can see how people came to associate me with that." DJ Slow Hands, a.k.a. New York's Ryan Cavanagh, was playing down his status as poster boy for the slow house movement. 

A couple of years ago, some DJs, mainly from the East Coast, started slowing things down to a sultry 100 beats per minute from the standard, boppy 120 BPM. And Slow Hands -- a fast talker, I learned, in wide-ranging phone interview anticipating his appearance this Fri/16 (9 p.m., $15 before midnight, $20 after. Beat Box 314 11th St., SF., and Facebook) -- came to the fore, with a dynamic combination of disco-dubby aesthetics, a willingness to let songs breathe a little, and an impeccable instinct for track selection. Does it hurt things that's he's rather dreamy in the brains and looks department? It certainly does not.

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