Surf Club

Live Shots: Phono del Sol 2013 with Thee Oh Sees, Marnie Stern, Surf Club


John Dwyer stood holding his guitar, smiling and making small talk with the crowd, having been asked by a Phono del Sol staffer to hold off while, presumably, the band on the other stage finished up its set. “Alright, I think we’re just going to get started,” he said, seemingly without cue, and Thee Oh Sees began playing, giving the day a much needed jolt in energy. Read more »


Stockton's Surf Club devotes tidal wave tempos, vocal harmonies to young love


MUSIC Pavement. That's all I really associate with Stockton. Personally, I've only been there once, few weeks back on my way to Yosemite, and I just drove through — 205 to 120 — stopping once for gas. So pavement all the way. Yet, despite the lack of waves, it's home to Surf Club, a sunny four-piece that's recently released its debut EP, Young Love, on Death Party Records.Read more »

Promising newish acts at Noise Pop 2012: Surf Club and FIDLAR


He asked if there were drink tickets. The bartender nodded, saying that the band could have wine now, and then beers on stage. Neither of those options would work for Stockton’s Surf Club, whose members were all sporting big black X’s — the mark of the underaged — at their Café Du Nord Noise Pop appearance. Read more »