Enough already


The gruesome and sordid attack in Woolwich, UK has alarmed and horrified that nation and a fair amount of the world. Read more »

Boston, a day later


It's hard to know what to say about the Boston Marathon bombings. Except that I don't believe the guy on the roof did it, and I don't believe the government did it to get its hand down our pants, and nobody has any idea if some organized domestic or foreign terrorist group was responsible or if it was a lone nut. Read more »

The Feds are watching -- badly

The FBI's modern snoop program is racist, xenophobic, misdirected, dangerous -- and really, really stupid



So, you're a law enforcement officer in training for participation on a local Joint Terrorism Task Force. Or a student at the United States Military Academy at West Point, involved in the counterterrorism training program developed in partnership with the FBI. Or you're an FBI agent training up to deal with terrorist threats.

Get ready for FBI training in dealing with Arab and Muslim populations.Read more »

Big (Robot) Brother is watching you on Muni


So I'm not usually the paranoid type (I said usually), but this one is a little creepy: According to Fast Company, Muni is going to deploy a camera system that can detect criminal or potential terrorist behavior -- without a human being.Read more »

FBI is scared of "black separatists"


The FBI is chasing "black separatist" groups and designating them as a potential threat -- although there's no evidence that any of the so-called separatist groups are actually a danger to national security -- records obtained by the ACLU, the Asian Law Caucus and the Bay Guardian show.Read more »

Lee veto protects the SFPD's ability to spy on you


Mayor Ed Lee yesterday vetoed legislation that would have banned San Francisco Police Department officers working with the FBI from conducting covert surveillance on law-abiding citizens. Read more »

SFPD-FBI spying restrictions could face mayoral veto


If the San Francisco Police Department isn't working with the FBI to secretly spy on law-abiding local residents – as a secret document released last year indicated they had the authority to do – then why are Police Chief Greg Suhr, Mayor Ed Lee, and others opposing legislation that would ban such surveillance?Read more »