Total Control

Have love, will travel

MUSIC: Trails and Ways hit the road, Sonny and the Sunsets get personal, Aussie supergroup Total Control arrives in the Bay


TOFU AND WHISKEY Trails and Ways have zigged when others zagged. Though in reality, the band's process is becoming more in line with the path many underground musicians take to create and distribute work in 2013. It's avoided traditional labels, instead choosing to release a record through a Tumblr-based community project, and before that generated intense web interest with original singles, clever covers, and inspired remixes, building a reputation as a talented crew of globally inspired dream poppers.Read more »

Heads Up: 8 must-see concerts this week


When does cute become cloying? Because this newly viral video of a baby playing along to the Beatles with his dad is seriously tickling me pink -- it's pretty damn adorable -- but after watching it a dozen or so times, it’s left me longing for something noisy and gross, just to wash off the darlingness of it all.

And the best shows this week are something of demonstrative polar opposites as well. There’s sugary Australian pop act Lenka, and fellow Aussie post-punks Total Control, then global dream popsters Trails and Ways, and metal battlecruiser Slough Feg, Americana punks Parquet Courts, and the Sunset Island fest, known as the "electronic music picnic." They are all in the mix.

Here are your must-see Bay Area concerts this week/end: Read more »