Transgender Rights

Conservative activists try to flush transgender bathroom bill


Yesterday a religious activist group announced it gathered enough signatures to place a statewide referendum of the newly signed “transgender bathroom” law on the ballot, potentially shooting down legislation meant to protect transgender students’ rights in public schools. 

AB 1266 was sponsored by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano and would allow students in K-12 California schools to use their chosen gender when engaging in traditionally sex-segregated school activities, using school bathrooms or showers, and when playing on sports teams. Read more »

Hormone replacement therapy and video games: Anna Anthropy talks Dy5phoria


Video games go to alien worlds all the time, but rarely have they explored a transgender person's identity until Dys4ia. The 2012 Adobe Flash game traced designer Anna Anthropy's hormone replacement therapy journey, guiding the player through trying on women's clothing for the first time, dealing with the agony of shaving, and correcting all the people who call you "sir" instead of "ma'am."Read more »

The right to transgender health care

Labor takes the lead


OPINION When I first came out as a transgender man in the mid 1990s, I quickly realized that I would have to pay out-of-pocket for the health care I needed.

Nearly every insurance plan has outdated exclusions that bar transgender people from receiving medically necessary health care. Everything from cancer screenings to the care related to gender transition is commonly excluded, despite being provided without exclusion to non-transgender health insurance customers.Read more »

Historic campaign for trans benefits kicks off


A group of LGBT labor activists is launching a nationwide campaign to push unions to bargain for transgender health benefits for their members.

Pride At Work, in collaboration with the Transgender Law Center, the National Center for Transgender Equality, and the SEIU Lavender Caucus, plans to ask labor groups, including local labor councils and state labor federations, to pledge to include trans benefits in future contract negotiations.Read more »

Trans activists honored in Clarion Alley mural


It was important to Tanya Wischerath that the crowds who came to last weekend's Clarion Alley Block Party got to see the latest addition to its collection of murals. The new piece is a stirring tribute to transwomen activists, done in jewel tones on a background of night sky and stained glass. "I was told nine days before the street fair [that I got the wall], and I was adamant that I would have something finished by then," the artist said in an email. We're glad -- it's lovely.  Read more »