The summer camp that'll change the world, now accepting applications


Kids. Activist. Summer. Camp. The words kind of send shivers down our Never-Never Land synapses. And though we're not exactly the target demographic for the Santa Cruz Mountains' Youth Empowered Action Camp, breathless longtime camp professional Nora Kramer's three year old vision of a place where socially conscious rockstars ages 12 to 17 could get together, hike it out, eat delicious vegan foods, and work on their plan to change the world has us all riled up in a yeah-that-exactly way. 

The first California -- there's also a session in our northernly neighbor Oregon -- camp session starts real soon (July 23) and Kramer wants everyone to know that scholarships for young Julia Butterfly Hills and Van Joneses -- wherever they're at in their activist skills and projects -- are available. Know a parent or a kidlet? Forward them this interview, which single-handedly put Kramer and her team way, way up there on our "people who are really awesome" list. Read more »

Ameri-cows rejoice!

Two very veggie Fourth of July get-togethers


Come our nation's day of independence, all non-meat eaters will eat one: a homogenized, unexciting tofu dog. Especially if they are shy and/or lazy – the dog package conveniently slips into one's red-white-and-blue woven straw tote, and they are easily sneakable onto BBQ grills without a huge amount of haranguing from friends pumped up on animal proteins. 

But they suck (except for Field Roast sausages, whole food fist pump). And thankfully, this year all you little veggies have an option to the tube-shaped madness: the San Francisco Vegetarian Society's Healthy Holiday BBQ on Sun/3. Read more »

Carrot coladas: Vegan happy hour, anyone?


A short list of cocktails that are not vegan: Irish coffee, anything involving Drambuie or Martini and Rossi vermouth, cheese-garnished Bloody Marys. (Thanks Barnivore.)

This spring, I interviewed six SF vegans on the state of animal product-free lifestylin' out here in the Bay. They agreed it was all pretty awesome, given the kitchen creativity and commitment to healthy eating that lives out here. But they identified one thing that our hills and valleys are lacking: a strong sense of vegan community. 

And what's a better community builder than alcohol? Read more »

La vida vegan

A panel of animal product-free Bay Area-ites tell it like it is


DINE It's a wild, woolly world when you won't eat its cheeseburgers. Or so I discovered last autumn when I read Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals and found that my inner logician could no longer justify consuming products from the loins (and udders, and uteri) of animals that spent their lives experiencing the systematic abuse of factory farms.Read more »