Cosmic Japanese punk band Peelander-Z announces tour

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The weird and wonderful comic Japanese punk band Peelander-Z announced a tour on Brooklyn Vegan this week; and yes, those dates include a visit to the Bay Area. The futuristic cosmic space Teletubbies (who live in NYC) will be in SF on May 6 at the DNA Lounge. Read more »

The Performant: Please appropriate me


Bryan Boyce and Negativwobblyland pump up the culture jams at L@te

Nighttime at the Berkeley Art Museum. An undercurrent of glee emanating from the patrons, as with a roomful of children up past their bedtimes. Enhancing the playground vibe, a giant orange mountain of rippling wooden waves designed by Thom Faulders, squats in the middle of the room, serving as seating for the assembled crowd, as well as pre-show entertainment as we scramble up its sides.

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Occupational hazards

Geof Oppenheimer's politically charged new show at Ratio 3 juxtaposes polyphony with cacophany


HAIRY EYEBALL  Weds/2 marks the first citywide general strike in our country since 1946. Spearheaded by Occupy Oakland in the wake of the Oakland Police's grossly excessive use of force against protestors last week, the strike is further proof that the only definitive thing one can say about the Occupy movement is that it is growing at a remarkable pace.Read more »