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Gamer singles out the mainstream videogame hits of 2013 — and a few smaller picks, too


YEAR IN GAMER The year 2013 has been a triumphant, confident peak in a particularly long generation of gaming, and as we gather around various top ten lists to send off the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in style, let it be remembered that the pair received a more-than-decent eulogy. Most of the year's accolades will likely fall upon three games, and while all involve guns, shooting and explosions, the refinements of those mechanics demonstrate the medium is unquestionably evolving.Read more »

Pros and cons(oles)

Will Microsoft or Sony win the battle for consumer love? Gamer tests out the new consoles.


GAMER The next generation of game consoles is officially in stores and consumers demand to know — definitively — which is the superior console. Is it the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One?Read more »

And joysticks for all

All hail Dominique Pamplemousse! A growing movement -- spurred by gatherings like QGCon and GaymerX -- rallies for diversity in video games.


GAMER Video game heroes often fit the same bland archetype: a hetero white dude with short hair and just the right amount of manly stubble. But now some Bay Area game advocates are pushing that burly soldier with the suspiciously large gun out of his closet.Read more »