Voter Fraud

The problem with the Lee investigations


Six major mayoral candidates, including John Avalos, Dennis Herrera and Leland Yee, have once again called on the Fair Political Practices Commission to investigate the Ed Lee voter-fraud charges. That's what needs to happen, of course. And the district attorney should do a thorough investigation and file criminal charges if warranted.Read more »

The latest Lee voter fraud charges


The Ed Lee campaign is, of course, distancing itself from the latest voter fraud allegations. Spokesperson Tony Winnicker says nobody on the Lee team knew anything about it, that the idea of eight low-level associates at a property firm each giving the maximum $500 didn't ring any alarm bells:Read more »

Lee fraud bumped by Hammer


The San Francisco Chronicle finally -- finally -- put the story about voter fraud by Ed Lee's supporters on the front page Oct. 25, and it was on the top of sfgate for a few hours. But by 11:30 a.m., the story was off the front page of the paper's website, buried where it's impossible to find without searching -- and replaced by a big story about this bizarre Ed Lee rap video featuring Hammer, and Brian Wilson. Read more »

A vote-fraud video primer


The Leland Yee campaign has produced a nice little video primer on the Ed Lee vote scandal. It's short, to the point, and gives you a sense of what has been going on with volunteers who are supposedly independent from the official Lee campaign. Check it out after the jump. Read more »

WashPost gets the headline right


Somehow, you never see headlines like this in the Chron:

Former SF Mayor Newsom endorses hand-picked incumbent Ed Lee amid ballot tampering charges

Pretty much says it all.

Ed Lee's voter fraud problem


I realize that Mayor Ed Lee has denounced what appears to be clear voter fraud, but he has a problem and it's not going to go away. Lee has allowed himself to be surrounded by the same sort of sleaze artists who circled around the administration of Willie Brown, doing the same sorts of things. And simply calling this crew and its actions "moronic" isn't going to cut it.Read more »