War on Fun

Nightlife: Fun plus jobs

San Francisco supervisor Scott Weiner on what clubs mean to our community


By Supervisor Scott Weiner

OPINION We all know the cultural benefits of nightlife. It's fun. We get to meet people — friends, lovers, and all the rest. We build community. We hear great music. We dance. We spend time outside on our streets. For LGBT people, we meet other LGBTs and keep our community strong. The list goes on: Without a strong entertainment scene, including bars, clubs, live music venues, arts venues, night-time restaurants, and street fairs, our city would be a less interesting and less diverse place.Read more »

Mayor derails hearing on nightclub crackdown


Will entering a large nightclub in San Francisco be akin to a TSA pat down? We won’t know for a while, as the proposal for heightened security measures by San Francisco Police has caught the interest of Mayor Ed Lee and further discussion has been stalled pending his analysis. Read more »

Hundreds pack City Hall to save the raves


Hundreds of young ravers and other supporters of electronic dance music parties packed into City Hall last night (Tues/22) for an Entertainment Commission hearing on health and safety issues connected to events that draw young people, both permitted and unpermitted. And their message was loud and clear: save the rave!Read more »

Ma seeks to ban raves in latest War on Fun offensive


Someone needs to tell Assembly member Fiona Ma that the '90s – with its myopic War on Drugs mentality, ascendant rave scene, and chest-beating “tough on crime” political one-upsmanship – are over, even though we're still paying that era's bills. Because Ma just introduced AB 74, which seeks to bans raves in California.Read more »