Ultimate zero

San Francisco promises that by 2020, no garbage will end up in a landfill. But is that really possible?



In January, Mayor Ed Lee appeared on the PBS NewsHour to talk up the city's Zero Waste program, an initiative to eliminate all landfilled garbage by 2020 by diverting 100 percent of the city's municipal waste to recycling or compost. "We're not going to be satisfied," with the 80 percent waste diversion already achieved, Lee told program host Spencer Michels. "We want 100 percent zero waste. This is where we're going."Read more »

Recology can't have it both ways


Critics of San Francisco's plan to award Recology the city's trash disposal contract just alerted me to the curious fact that if you watch this video link (scroll down through the video clips to "Garbage 2"), you'll hear Recology COO George McGrath say that rail haul in California isn't economically viable. Read more »

Recology's Nevada landfill blocked


The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that the Planning Commission in Humboldt County, Nevada blocked Recology's landfill expansion application in Winnemucca, which is halfway between San Francisco and Salt Lake City.

The news comes close on the heels of the Guardian's report that San Francisco has tentatively selected Recology to dispose of the city's waste in Yuba County. Read more »