"Weren't they all circus shots?" Weegee's crime scene photography


In a slight departure from his job as founder of the Noir City film festival (coming up at the Castro Theater Jan. 25-Feb. 3), Eddie Muller pays homage to a dark auteur of a different medium with a talk at the Contemporary Jewish Museum on Thu/10. The object of Muller's affection is famed crime scene photographer Arthur Fellig, a.k.a. Weegee. Weegee introduced artistry -- often by way of extra-journalistic manipulation -- into the documentation of extra-legal happenings during the 1930s and '40s, so perhaps Muller's fascination with the subject should come as no surprise. We caught up with Muller via the Interwebs to find out more about why he wants to draw upon Weegee's dark arts in this week's presentation. Read more »