Movin' on

Bidding panglobal funk weekly party Afrolicious adieu after seven great years. Plus: Steffi, DBX, Worthy, J. Rocc, Wicked, more nightlife



SUPER EGO "The Mission has changed so much since we started the party. Just so many strollers and $10 tacos... It's crazy ... " DJ Oz McGuire (aka Señor Oz) was telling me. Along with his brother Joey (aka Pleasuremaker) and the cutest crew ever, Oz has thrown fantastic panglobal funk weekly Afrolicious at Elbo Room for the past seven years.Read more »

Mz. America

Nightlife: Derrick Carter, Wicked's 22nd, Body High, Swagger Like Us, Cream of Beat, Bionic (RE)Launch, and more parties to light your fireworks


SUPER EGO I am absolutely exhausted from having to take in so many BART-strike refugees, caught by surprise on the empty platforms, in their platforms, right after Pride. I personally feel like a very glamorous Ellis Island for ill-informed East Bay drag queens, a beacon of hungover light. Give me your sequined, your glittered, your plumped-out, pumped-up, spandex-slathered asses yearning to breathe free. Now quit hogging my bathroom. It ain't summer 'til you've rolled over on a bed of flung-off lucite heels!Read more »