Supervisors approve nudity ban on close vote


Over the objections of progressive supervisors and under threats of a lawsuit from nudists and civil liberties advocates, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors today voted 6-5 to outlaw public nudity in the city. Supervisors voting against the ban were David Campos, Christina Olague, John Avalos, Eric Mar, and Jane Kim.Read more »

Stop the presses: Sup. Elsbernd blasts B3 for Impertinent Questions on sunshine


Elsbern answers Impertinent Questions from B3 and  James Chaffee (Scroll down)

        First off,  to your reference about still looking for me at Que
Syrah, or one of the other great West Portal establishments, you have been
saying this to me repeatedly for a long time now.  Initially, it was a bit
funny, a nice little inside joke (although since you post on your blog our
e-mail exchanges, not so "inside") between a couple of people who really do
not see eye to eye on many issues.Read more »

A new food-truck map


Sup. Scott Wiener wants to compromise on the food-truck limits, and is working with the folks at SFUSD and the food advocates.

Dana Woldow, who is working with Nancy Waymack, director of policy and planning for SFUSD, Chris Armentrout, the district's director of development and government relations, and School Board member Jill Wynns, told me that the advocates are open to the idea of allowing more trucks in the Mission:Read more »

Castro plaza bill passes, 6-5


The Board of Supervisors has passed a watered-down version of Supervisor Scott Wiener's legislation to prevent camping and sleeping in Harvey Milk and Jane Warner plazas, with Supervisor David Chiu  casting the swing vote.

Read more »

Milk Plaza vote raises public-space issues


The supervisors will vote Jan. 31 on new rules for the use of Harvey Milk Plaza and Jane Warner Plaza, rules that could have an impact on the future use of small public parklets. Sup. Scott Wiener introduced the legislation, which has stirred up a lot of opposition -- and in the end, the decision will probably come down to how Sup. David Chiu decides to vote. Read more »