Year in Film 2010

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YEAR IN FILM: Confidential to the Motion Picture Association of America: F-U


YEAR IN FILM "Bloody bugger to you, you ... beastly bastard. Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. F-fornication. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck and fuck. Fuck, fuck, and bugger. Bugger, bugger, buggety buggety buggety fuck. Fuck ass. Balls! Balls! Fuckety shit. Shit, fuck and willy. Willy, shit and fuck, and ... tits."Read more »

Past imperfect

YEAR IN FILM: Digging through the year in archival footage


YEAR IN FILM We're all media scavengers now, but archival sounds and images remain a tantalizing lure for both the documentary profile and its surrealistic double, the found footage film. The first repackages capsules of the past while the second hijacks them — different economies of exchange, to be sure, though perhaps less starkly contrasted to those accustomed to hyperlinking their way through the dustbin.Read more »

Goal difference

YEAR IN FILM: Top 2010 doc The Two Escobars examines two sides of Colombian narco-soccer


YEAR IN FILM Making a mistake on the playing field can haunt an athlete for the rest of his or her career. For Colombian soccer star Andrés Escobar, a particularly heartbreaking blunder — an own goal during the 1994 World Cup — proved fatal. Just two weeks after Colombia's first-round defeat in the tournament they'd been favored to win, team captain Escobar was shot after leaving a nightclub in his hometown of Medellín. There were rumors the killer yelled "Goal!" as he unloaded.Read more »

Babes in bondage

YEAR IN FILM: Or, 2010's perfection-pursuing fatal femmes


YEAR IN FILM 'Tis the season to dismantle. For us film critic types, that means picking over the past year's movie offerings with the ill-advised intensity of Natalie Portman working a hangnail in Black Swan. (That scene was so gross, yes?)Read more »

The Year in Film: Guardian critics on 2010's best!


Dennis Harvey's Top 20 of 2010

Note: because this was generally such a crap year, a "best" list seemed too much of a stretch. Ergo this is a Top 20 list, in no particular order, of films I enjoyed most one way or the other (The Killer Inside Me, Everyone Else, and I Spit on Your Grave definitely representing the other). No doubt The King's Speech, The Social Network, and several other currently awards-baiting titles have finer qualities than some here, but they're not what I'd gladly watch again right now.

Fish Tank (Andrea Arnold, UK/Netherlands)
The Tillman Story (Amir Bar-Lev, USA)
The Killer Inside Me (Michael Winterbottom, USA/Sweden/UK/Canada)
The Desert of Forbidden Art (Tchavdar Georgiev and Amanda Pope, Russia/UK/Uzbekistan)
Mother (Bong Joon-ho, South Korea)
City Island (Raymond De Felitta, USA)
OSS 177: Lost in Rio (Michel Hazanavicius, France)
Daddy Longlegs (Ben Safdie and Joshua Safdie, USA/France)
The Kids Are All Right (Lisa Cholodenko, USA)
Let It Rain (Agnès Jaoui, France)

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