Earthquake Survival Guide*

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If you live in the Bay Area the chances of you experiencing an earthquake is rather high. Remember that huge earthquake in 1906 that ruptured the San Andreas fault? Of course not. It happened over 100 years ago, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. Don’t risk the chance and not be prepared if another one strikes soon. Get prepared now!

The best way to survive an earthquake is to get educated about them. 

Check out the California Academy of Sciences Earthquake Exhibition going on now through September and learn all about the history of earthquakes in the Bay Area.

Prepare to be moved at Earthquake, a new exhibit and planetarium show at the California Academy of Sciences. Experience a high-magnitude jolt in an earthquake simulator, fly over and into our dynamic planet in an immersive planetarium show, and explore the impacts of the largest disaster in San Francisco’s history—the 1906 earthquake and fire. Along the way, you’ll see how earthquakes fit into the larger story of plate tectonics, a constant process that builds mountains, moves continents, and creates the landscape in which life evolves. To get tickets and more information, check out their website,

The second best way to survive an earthquake is to get yourself an earthquake survival kit. When shopping for items for this kit, The Guardian recommends shopping local.  Here are a few of our favorite stores:

American Red Cross

As a community-based, humanitarian organization supported by volunteers and donors, the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter provides 24-hour emergency relief to those affected by disasters and empowers our community to prevent and prepare for emergencies. They also teach people how to perform life-saving CPR and first aid. Their work also goes beyond the Bay Area, as they support members of the military stationed at home and abroad, and their families. Globally, they also support disaster relief and disease eradication efforts and provide tracing services to reconnect families.

By helping people in the Bay Area and beyond, they strengthen our community and make it ready for all types of disasters.
Call 1-888-4-HELP-BAY (1-888-443-5722) or visit them online at to learn more. You may also find them on Facebook and Twitter.


Center Hardware

In operation more than 100 years, Center Hardware is an independent family owned local hardware store located in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. Here for the renters, homeowners, artists, students, contractors and other businesses, they can get you what you need even if they need to point you to another source. Their extensive, competitively priced inventory includes plumbing, electrical, tools, hardware, fasteners, paint and sundries, cleaning supplies and safety gear among thousands of other items. They will take special orders! They have a parking lot! They use too many exclamation points!

Visit them online at or come by and check their store out.