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Three decades into his career, indie stalwart Jim Jarmusch delivers one of his best films yet

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Save your Valentine's Day date, order a bike-delivered condom


So your Valentine’s Day date is going great, way better than expected, and it’s looking like some hot sex might be where this is headed. But, d’oh, you forgot the condom! What to do? Well, San Francisco-based condom manufacturer L. is now launching a new project to “save your date,” as they say: a condom delivery service.Read more »

For your rabble-rousing Valentine, #Activistpickuplines


Freelance writer and activist Suey Park, who started the #NotYourAsianSidekick trend, created a new hashtag trending on Twitter just in time for Valentine's Day: #ActivistPickupLines.

Buzzfeed of course is on the case, and they report that Park, 23, was inspired to create the hashtag by a student who told her, "I'm down for the struggle and the snuggle."Read more »

Binary no more: Facebook announces expanded gender choice for profiles


After today, Facebook is binary no more.

The social media company announced via its Facebook Diversity page that profiles will now allow for a custom gender choice, a change long sought by transgender rights activisits. Read more »

Guardian honored for investigation of buying influence at City Hall


Bay Guardian News Editor Rebecca Bowe and Staff Writer Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez are being honored by the Society of Professional Journalists with a James Madison Freedom of Information Award for “Friends in the Shadows,” our investigation of the shady ways that developers and other powerful players buy influence at City Hall.

The package of articles, prepared for the Guardian’s 47th anniversary issue of Oct. 6, used extensive public records to show how contributions to the city’s various “Friends Of...” organizations create cozy relationships between regulators and the regulated, donations that are often designed to skirt public disclosure requirements. Read more »

Here, have a new Thee Oh Sees track


It's been a while since any of us here in media-land mentioned John Dwyer in a non-despairing tone, let alone a context that actually involved a discussion of music.Read more »

Can we rediscover radical action on this marriage equality anniversary?


San Francisco’s political establishment will rightly celebrate itself this afternoon [Wed/12] at 5pm with a ceremony in City Hall marking the 10th anniversary of the unilateral decision to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, kicking off what became known as the Winter of Love.

It was the greatest thing that then-Mayor Gavin Newsom did during his seven-year tenure in Room 200, a bold and principled stand for civil rights that started California down the long and arduous road toward marriage equality.Read more »

Live Shots: Augustines get anthemic at The Independent


by Stephen Sparks

When my girlfriend and I got into the cab for the ride to The Independent on Monday night, the Slavic driver was rocking out to “The Summer of ’69.”

“Do you like Bryan Adams,” he asked us immediately, making it feel like our answer determined whether he’d give us a ride. So, yeah, we like Bryan Adams alright. “Not everyone likes Bryan Adams,” he continued. “I don’t understand.”Read more »

Trunk show: Anchor launches its new IPA


Read Sam Devine's story on Anchor's planned waterfront brewery in this week's paper.

Last week, Anchor Brewing and Distilling launched an IPA to much fanfare at their Mariposa Street brewery. Initially, one may be surprised that Anchor has joined the frenzy of hoppy West Coast beers. But this is not the first IPA it has released. Originally brewed in 1975, its Liberty Ale was the first IPA to be brewed on the West Coast after Prohibition.

Read more »

Promo: Win tickets to see DJ Qbert at Mezzanine!


DJ Qbert is back (check out last week’s cover story on the Bay Area turntablist here), he's brought friends with him, and there's no telling what is going to happen!Read more »

Sundance, part nine: Foodies! Vampires! Kill! Kill!


Miss any earlier Sundance coverage? Scroll down right here on Pixel Vision.

Blind (Norway/Netherlands) is the directorial debut of Eskil Vogt, screenwriter of Joachim Trier's Reprise (2006) and Oslo, August 31st (2012). It does not disappoint, and — appropriately enough, considering its writer-director's background — it won the World Cinema Prize for Screenwriting.

Read more »

Crappies awards rain on tech award show's parade


The Crunchies are a San Francisco-based dog and pony show for the tech industry, hosted by technology business news site Tech Crunch. But amid rising San Franciscan anger, this year's Crunchies took on a decidely different tone.Read more »

Protesters target AT&T today, Twitter tomorrow


Today (Tue/11) marks a nationwide protest against government surveillance that is partially taking place online, as websites such as Reddit post banners opposing the National Security Agency domestic spying program.Read more »

Watch: Lia Rose's "Trainwreck Tuesday"


"You ever been in that place where you really want to be in love, deep down you know you deserve love, but some part of you manages to mess every good thing up?" That's what SF indie-folk songstress Lia Rose says when asked what inspired the song "Trainwreck Tuesday." (Answer: Duh.) "So, that's where I was at when I wrote that song." Read more »

Sole-searching: get to know local shoe designers Freda Salvador


Freda is mysterious and anonymous.

She walks the hills of San Francisco with purpose. Her style is classic, a bit androgynous, with flair for edginess. She’s always up for new adventures. She marches to the beat of her own drum. She’s fashion-forward but she values comfort, veering away from the misconception that beauty is pain. She loves rock 'n' roll. She’s a San Francisco chick through and through.

Freda Salvador is the creation of San Francisco residents Cristina Palomo-Nelson and Megan Papay. Combining their mutual obsession for Frida Kalho (“more like her badass persona than her folkloric art”) and Palomo-Nelson’s El Salvadorian origins, the duo created footwear brand Freda Salvador. They launched the company two years ago with the intention of bringing contemporary artisan shoes to Bay Area Fredas.

Read more »

Leno introduces bill to bolster City College funding, draws fire to Special Trustee


First City College of San Francisco’s accreditation was provisionally revoked, then students left in droves. Teachers soon started leaving too. Two interim chancellors were hired, then left. 

Through it all, many thought, “won’t someone cut the school a break?” Now someone significant is trying to.Read more »