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Rival housing measures debated in City Hall, previewing high-stakes battles at the ballot

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weekcoverThe City's Garbage Game: recology fudges recycling numbers as the city cracks down on can collectors . Plus: Muay Thai action, Wye Oak, the Wizard of ODD tornadoes into the Castro, more. Articles Online | Digital Edition

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Brugmann: Dammit, where's our tax break?


Bay Guardian Editor and Publisher Bruce B. Brugmann announced today that the paper will move to Brisbane next fall unless the city expands its payroll tax exemption to cover Potrero Hill.Read more »

Redmond traded for Nevius in mid-season shocker


Bay Guardian Executive Editor Tim Redmond has been traded to the San Francisco Chronicle for columnist C.W. Nevius and a right-wing associate editor to be named later, it was announced today.

As part of the deal, the Chronicle will pick up the remainder of Redmond’s $25.3 million contract. In addition to a future editor, the Chron will pay the Guardian an undisclosed amount of money “just to get Nevius the fuck out of here,” Chronicle Editor Ward Bushee said.Read more »

Wicked Grounds suspended in limbo


Coffee pots and spankings may soon cease to coexist at Wicked Grounds, San Francisco’s only kink café that announced plans to close last week due to crippling debt. Fans of the sexy space have since pleaded for a chance to help and offered up donations, but instead of accepting the cash with a hungry growl, owners have asked people to hold off and “think about it.” Read more »

Roller derby: the San Francisco treat


Drizzly March was a slow time for San Fran sports fans -- the last Super Bowl Sunday pig-in-a-blanket put to bed a month before, the NBA trade deadline past and playoffs a distant dream; and today's April 1 major league baseball opening games an agonizing countdown away. Short of swimming through the dreary rains to San Jose’s Shark Tank, what’s a rowdy, rooting beer-guzzler to do?

Heading to Golden Gate Park to cheer on some equally rowdy rollers might not be the first thought that comes to mind, but it’s exactly what thousands of die-hard derby-goers did on March 19, when the storied San Francisco Bay Bombers elbowed past the Brooklyn Red Devils in the American Roller Skating Derby league’s world championship game. Read more »

The Guardian endorses: Jello Biafra for Mayor!


On every level, the San Francisco mayor’s race is critical. San Franciscans will decide whether a fiscally conservative candidate backed by downtown interests will continue Gavin Newsom’s legacy of gutting critical services while refusing to raise taxes, or if a progressive will lead the city into a new era.

San Francisco needs a mayor who is motivated not by campaign donations from corporate fat cats, but by true San Francisco values. The city needs some one who is ready to fight the war on fun, by boldly having more fun than the warmongers can possibly stand. Read more »

Get some perspective: CounterPulse’s resident artists rearrange a theater


People who have never performed in their life can take the stage this week at CounterPulse. While artists-in-residence Kegan Marling and Eric Kupers spent the past few months creating new work to premiere this week, they also re-envisioned the black box theater space, turning platforms, nooks, and crannies into performance areas, and situating audience seats to surround the action and also exist smack in the middle of the stage.   Read more »

Appetite: 3 ways to eat and drink for a better world this month


We are blessed with a city full of entrepreneurs and humanitarians who work to create a better world. It’s encouraging to know one can eat and drink well while also meeting a need. Here are three upcoming ways to make your food dollars stretch towards some crucial causes:

4/5 Umamimart’s The Gift of Food at Burritt Room for earthquake relief in Japan Read more »

Books, borders, and official ridiculousness


In the pantheon of ridiculousness going on in this country, this may not rate highly, but it seems telling enough to share anyway. For the last two months, I've been selling my new book, The Tribes of Burning Man, through my website: taking payments through PayPal, signing the books, and mailing through out through the Post Office, which is cheaper than FedEx or UPS for one-pound books.Read more »

SF in top 38 counties nationwide that deport "non-criminal aliens"


So much for San Francisco being a sanctuary city. The National Day Laborer Organization (NDLON) and two other organizations have unearthed statistics that show San Francisco in the nation’s "top 38" counties, when it comes to deporting immigrants who had not been convicted of crimes. Read more »

Hot diggity, old school dog training


Under the towering eucalyptus trees of Temescal Creek Park, a sturdy wood-planked fence frames a curve in the pavement. Every day, joggers and dog-walkers shuffle alongside, crossing the border of North Oakland and Emeryville. But the ones who turn their heads at just the right moment catch a scene flickering through the slits between boards – as if from an old-fashioned zoetrope – that transports them to another world entirely.

Here, there the dogs and people form a different scene: smoke roils from the chimney of a squat plastered building with ornate round windows. A rooster crows. A bark echoes. A man proportioned like Popeye’s archnemesis Bluto stumbles around kicking a barrel. Suddenly, a streak of muscle and fur launches toward the figure and sinks its teeth into his calf, shaking him from head to toe. Read more »

The Performant: The Empire has no clothes


Adventures in Naked Empire's bouffonery

An evening spent in the presence of the Naked Empire Bouffon Company is always an unsettling experience. It can be difficult sometimes to assess who is actually performing for whom, as bouffons are wickedly adept at reading individuals and pulling them however briefly into the spotlight not as props, but as human beings with something to hide. Read more »

Life history of key witness won't be presented in Chauncey Bailey murder trial


Report from The Chauncey Bailey Project, of which the Guardian is a member:

By Thomas Peele, The Chauncey Bailey Project

OAKLAND — The life history of the man who confessed to killing journalist Chauncey Bailey won’t be used as evidence to explain his behavior and willingness to join the former Your Black Muslim Bakery, a judge ruled Tuesday. Read more »

Hot sexy events: March 30-April 5


Which does SF care more about: sex education or Internet technologies? This weekend's Sex::Tech conference renders the question moot, for the moment. The conference's two days are devoted to exploring the ways kids' sexual health can be improved using the wonders that modern living's servitude to screens can produce. 

But look at me getting all BDSM! (Hard to forget my computer domme even for a moment.) This is gonna be an awesome event. And it looks to be a hot topic: presale tickets and youth-accompanied adult passes have already sold out, but you can still register on-site. Read more »

Board delays Yellow Pages vote


In an attempt to assuage big business interests, the Board of Supervisors decided yesterday (Tues/29) to delay the vote on an ordinance regulating the Yellow Pages, a piece of legislation that would create a three-year pilot program to rid the city of unsolicited phone books. A vote on the legislation is set for May 10.Read more »

Rent control is sticking point in Parkmerced debate


After a marathon debate at the March 29 Board of Supervisors meeting lasting several hours, a vote to certify the environmental impact report (EIR) for the masssive Parkmerced overhaul was pushed back until May 24. Read more »