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With market-rate housing construction booming, Kim abandons effort to balance it with more affordability 

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coverWide Angle Lens: During turmultuous conflict, the SF Jewish Film Fesitval shows multiple perspectives. Plus: Central American child refugees flood SF, GRMLN, head of Sunday Streets steps down and more. Articles Online | Digital Edition

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The problem with Ed Lee


Is not just that he's the candidate of the conservatives on the board; I don't even know at this point how to describe his political inclinations, and Eric Mar thinks he's got progressive credentials (from the past, though, not from anything recent.) The problem is that we don't have any idea how he would handle any of the central issues facing the city, starting with the budget mess.Read more »

A swing to Lee -- Daly ballistic


Bevan Dufty emerged from his meeting in the mayor's office to say he was ready to vote for Ed Lee. The deal was cut; we don't know what it is, but that's what happened. And Sup. Chris Daly is ballistic.Read more »

Dufty the swing vote -- and talking to Newsom


The Board of Supervisors has gone into recess with a split vote on either Ed Lee or Mike Hennessey as interim mayor. One supervisors have voted no on both nominees -- and now holds the power to decide who the next mayor will be.

And Bevan Dufty, the wing vote, along with Sophie Maxwell, was just seen walking into the mayor's office.Read more »

Jerry Brown wants to eliminate Redevelopment


Calitics reveals today that newly sworn-in Gov. Jerry Brown told the Sacramento Bee that he’s proposing to eliminate local redevelopment agencies as part of a set of austerity measures that he is proposing in a purported effort to shock folks into approving new revenues Read more » V-ball


Dear Andrea:

I've always fantasized about girls kicking me in the balls. I have always secretly desired it, especially women or girls wearing sexy boots. I have always had a thrill for women dominating men. When I would watch the TV show V, I would dream of Diana kicking Mike Donovan in the balls with her sexy stiletto boots. She is one of many women I would have liked to have been kicked by. What causes men to like it? Why would us guys enjoy such pain and agony?



Dear Balls:Read more »

Editorial: How Brown can save California


There are two things Gov. Jerry Brown has to do to get California back on track, and he needs to start right away. He has to restore at least a degree of public faith in state government and he has to put a series of tax increases on the June ballot.

The first step ought to be right in the Brown playbook. The public is fed up with the secrecy, lies, machinations, and policy failures of the Schwarzenegger administration, and Brown can start off by telling people the truth. The budget situation is frightening; it can't all be solved by cuts without destroying the state of California as we know it. But it also requires an understanding that the taxpayers don't want to see their money wasted. Read more »

Street Threads: Look of the Day


Today's Look: Sasha and Alex, 16th Street and Valencia

Read more »

Backroom meetings precede today's mayoral succession vote


There's been a flurry of political speculation and backroom discussions leading up to today's final meeting of the current Board of Supervisors, which is scheduled to consider appointment of a successor mayor to Gavin Newsom starting at 3 p.m., despite Newsom's refusal to vacate the office and assume the duties of lieutenant governor as he was supposed to yesterday.Read more »

Social inequality makes you fat


This is one of my favorite bits of social science research of the past year: The kind of gross inequality that we see in the United States not only harms productivity, damages the economy and is unsustainable -- it makes you fat. From the NYTimes:Read more »

SFBG Radio: Schwarzenegger's bad pardon


So you thought Johnny was always mad; you ain't seen nothing. Today he's furious that the outgoing gov cut the prison sentence of a killer who happened to be the son of another prominent politician -- while thousands of nonviolent inmates are rotting in prison. You can listen after the jump. Read more »

Guardian, SF Weekly settle suit


The Bay Guardian and the chain that owns SF Weekly have reached a settlement that ends an eight-year legal battle.

The parties have settled their differences on mutually acceptable terms.Read more »

Progressive supervisors block mayoral appointments


UPDATED: Progressives on the Board of Supervisors have finally started to push back on Mayor Gavin Newsom for his petulant refusal to vacate Room 200 unless his conditions for choosing a successor mayor are met, with the Rules Committee today blocking nine [UPDATE: seven] of 10 of the mayor's committee and commission appointments.Read more »

All candidates duck; mayoral forum cancelled


I was all excited about moderating a Harvey Milk Club discussion tonight on the next mayor, and getting a chance to ask the candidates who want to fill out Gavin Newsom's term a little about what they might do in the next 11 months. It's kind of important; you'd think the folks who want the job would be willing to give us a little clue about why they think they should have it.Read more »

Boogie blows up

SF's spray can maestro takes Berlin — but what about those 500,000 euros?


"It was an honor to be a part of history. The rest is history." Spray paint artist Chor Boogie ( is hanging out amid spurts of December rain in Clarion Alley, standing before his mural debut in the heralded Mission community art space. But he's talking about a different piece, on a different chunk of creative community space, in a city halfway around the world: The Eyes of the Berlin Wall, which Boogie painted on an actual section of the Berlin Wall and was reported to have sold for 500,000 euros this fall.Read more »

Fear the Beard in 2011


Have a lively New Year's Eve, a good weekend, and a great next year celebrating San Francisco values. And remember to fear the beard.

Meanwhile, Jean and I will be making our 25th annual New Year's Eve pilgrimage to Pompei's Grotto on Fisherman's Wharf. Pompei's is a gem of a family-owned Italian fish restaurant with Old World ambiance, red checkered table cloths, table lamps, splendid martinis and fresh-cracked dungeness crab. It's our favorite spot to start New Year's Eve. B3