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How a high-minded countercultural experiment ended up on everyone's bucket list

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weekcoverGrover Norquist brings the Black Rock blues as Burning Man Jumps the Shark! Pro-Palestine protesters block the boat, fed-up teachers take strike vote, and crack cocaine sentences may soon get smoked. Plus: Myron & E lay down street soul at Noise Pop, Nick Monaco belts out his Mating Call, and Aubrey Plaza slays in Life After Beth. Articles Online | Digital Edition

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It looks like Ed Lee -- but will that hold tomorrow?


Well, Campos says he's with Ed Lee -- and that means it's over. For now, anyway. There's a new board in place tomorrow; it's hard to imagine that the new supes will change this vote, but they'll have to reaffirm it.Read more »

Leno will not run for mayor


Just as the supervisors were meeting to select a successor mayor, Mark Leno called me to tell me that, after a lot of thought, he has decided he won't be a candidate for mayor in November. He's going to be running the state Senate Budget Committee, dealing with the worst fiscal crisis in California history, and "I just wouldn't have the time to run a campaign."

Leno would have brought a lot to the race, particularly as it's shaking down now, but I certainly understand his choice.

Chinese community out in force for Lee


Well, Rose Pak promised a big demonstration and she's got one: City Hall is mobbed with Ed Lee supporters pushing the supervisors to vote for the city's first Asian mayor. Lee is still out of town, so he can't answer questions, although he's talked to several supervisors by phone. One said he seemed a little overwhelmed by all of this; he wasn't even sure he wanted the job until Pak and Willie Brown talked him into it.Read more »

Elsbernd defends Lee (but ducks the Tapas)


Well, Sean didn't stop by for tapas at Que Syrah last night, but he did take the time to send me a long letter answering my questions about why he “mysteriously”  nominated CAO Ed Lee for interim mayor in Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting.

I appreciate the letter and it's to Sean's credit that this is his modus operandi with the Guardian (and others) in answering questions, even pesky ones.Read more »

SFBG Radio: Are conservatives brain damaged?


Well, maybe not damaged -- but Johnny talks about the new evidence that the brains of right wingers are different from those of other people. You can listen after the jump. Read more »

City Hall's mad political swirl


It was common knowledge around City Hall that Chinatown power broker Rose Pak and former Mayor Willie Brown were lurking behind the sudden emergence of Ed Lee as the pick for interim mayor, but Bay Citizen reporter Gerry Shih does an excellent job showing how it actually went down in a story that appeared in today's New York Times.Read more »

Expert opinion: how best to love your Oregon Ducks


There are sports fans who watch every game, know all the stats, own all the gear, take it upon themselves to achieve championship-level drunk status upon every win and loss their team achieves -- and then there are real sports fans. Those are the guys that cobble together high-quality parodic hip-hop videos with their buddies that become their football team's anthem and Youtube blockbusters, getting them flown around the country to perform -- and getting star-struck coeds to swoon at the tailgate.

That'd be Jamie Slade, Brian McAndrew, and Michael Bishop, whose Supwitchugirl team starred in and edited the Eugene, Oregon party anthems "I Love My Ducks" and "I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack)," as well as a host of other tunes dedicated to frat juicin' brobots and bathroom water conservation -- even at the price of party foul.  Lucky us, SFBG had the inside line on these young bucks and got Jamie Slade, the group's tallest member with its curliest hair, to email with us about ways you can be the ultimate Ducks fan at the team's championship title run on Mon/10 against Auburn University -- or front like you are, at least. Read more »

Daly goes down swinging


The League of Pissed of Voters made a Daly roast video honoring the "biggest asshole in San Francisco politics"

Between last night's epic Chris Daly Roast and Daly's crazy-man antics on Tuesday night, Daly is ending his 10-year tenure on the Board of Supervisors in fitting fashion: as a passionate leader of the progressive movement who has also been its – and his own – worst enemy.Read more »

Chiu rejects DA job and defends his support for Lee


Amid speculation that he was angling to be appointed district attorney – and questions about whether that goal influenced his support for Ed Lee to be named interim mayor – Board of Supervisors President David Chiu has issued a press release announcing that he's withdrawing from consideration for the DA's job.Read more »

PG&E's Nancy McFadden named Brown's executive secretary


Remember when Pacific Gas & Electric Co. embarked on a $46 million political adventure called Proposition 16, the so-called Taxpayers' Right to Vote Act, which would have rendered it nearly impossible for municipal Community Choice Aggregation electricity programs to compete with the utility giant by requiring a two-thirds majority vote for their implementation? Read more »

Tapas with Sean: Some modest questions for a West Portal supervisor


Ever since the Brugmann family moved into the West Portal area in 1964 (with the help of local realtor John Barbagelata), I have been annoyed with the fact that many of our West of Twin Peaks supervisors prance around in their neighborhoods as “neighborhood supervisors,” then go to City Hall and vote to protect PG&E and vote the downtown/bigdeveloper/real estate line without blushing.Read more »

Hennessey, Lee and change


I'm not surprised that Randy Shaw is defending Ed Lee and arguing that either Lee or Mike Hennessey would be fine as interim mayor:

Ed Lee is not Gavin Newsom. Lee has dedicated his life to public service, spent years as a poverty lawyer, and has proved an outstanding administrator over the past two decades.Read more »

Weird emergence

Look to the skies — Pictureplane's other car is a broom


Which witch house is which? For an answer to this head-spinning question, it helps to go to the source, Travis Egedy of Pictureplane (coming to town Sat/8), who half-jokingly helped coin the phrase when a website asked him to predict what 2010 would bring in terms of music. Turns out Egedy was more correct than even he expected, as blogs, music journalists, and grabbed hold of the idea of witch house and made it into a quasi-genre, to the degree that other acts, such as Salem, are more synonymous with the term. Read more »

So dreamy

Teengirl Fantasy's swirl of Chinese Go Karts, Angelfire, warehouse rave, and The-Dream


Of all the indie bliss-bands to break through in the last year, Teengirl Fantasy -- coming to town Sat/8 -- is the dreamiest. Not just in the heart-dotted Tigerbeat vein, although TF's spangly Angelfire website ( certainly plays on giggle-driven hormone rushes.Read more »

Johnny are you Weir?

See video

Yes. Finally ending decades of knuckle-biting speculation, ice skater Johnny Weir came out today(ish) -- just in time for the release of his new book and new single! He scores a belated Lamebow Award. Watch him unveil his new song "Dirty Love" in Flint, Michigan last month if you dare.