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With market-rate housing construction booming, Kim abandons effort to balance it with more affordability 

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coverWide Angle Lens: During turmultuous conflict, the SF Jewish Film Fesitval shows multiple perspectives. Plus: Central American child refugees flood SF, GRMLN, head of Sunday Streets steps down and more. Articles Online | Digital Edition

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Danny Glover robo-calls for DeWitt Lacy


My office phone rang this afternoon and it was none other than actor Danny Glover -- well, a recorded message from him anyway -- asking me to support DeWitt Lacy for supervisor in District 10. (The Guardian office is located in the district.)

“I worked in southeast San Francisco before I went into acting,” Glover’s message says. “Lacy has earned my support because he will put people first.” Read more »

Not yo momma's pole dance


... Or should I say, father's? After all, your momma probably didn't get a chance to check out the ladies of the pole in her day -- unless, of course, the parentals met at The Lusty Lady. What I'm trying to say here is that sexy on a stick is now an official fitness sport. And its participants are often a lot more athletic than synthetic.

A fact which I learned all about from US Pole Dancing Federation co-founder Anna Gundstrom, who explained to us in a phone interview why you'll wanna make the trek up to Redwood City for the thigh holds of the west coast regional championships November 6th. "I'm not going to say its not a sensual form of dance -- that'd be silly to say since it did start in strip clubs,” Gundstrom tells me. Read more »

Street Threads: Look of the Day


Today's look: Haley, 24th and Castro Read more »

Don't believe everything the government tells you


So this is weird. I was poking around on the National Pipeline Safety Mapping System website today, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration, looking for information relating to the San Bruno pipeline explosion. When I ran a search for gas pipeline operators in San Francisco, two different names cropped up: The first is a gas technician who works for Pacific Gas & Electric Co., and the second, also listed as a PG&E contact, is local environmental justice advocate Francisco Da Costa. Wait, what? Read more »

Steve Moss: the big duck



We've been trying to pin Steve Moss down on some key questions.  Over the weekend, I sent him some questions by email.  He responded, but ducked or ignored the real points and never gave us any straight answers.

Here's our exchange, my questions and his answers -- unedited,  followed by some comments from me as we doggedly try to make sense of where Steve Moss really stands on key issues in the district. Read more »

Rev. Billy exorcises the demon sit-lie measure


This afternoon in the Mission District, a crowd gathered to bear witness to an exorcism. Reverend Billy had come from New York City to banish the demon from SF. That demon was Prop L, an unholy measure to ban people from communing on San Francisco's sidewalks. Read more »

What if Meg just quit campaigning?


The more money Meg Whitman spends, the worse she does in the polls. More than $150 million, and she's in worse shape than she was six months ago. At least, that's what the LA times says. And while that's clearly the most optimistic poll around, the signs aren't looking good for Whitman.

In fact, the smartest thing she could do now is to quit campaigning. Seriously: The more money she spends, the less people like her. Disappear and hope for low turnout -- that's her only hope.Read more »

For the grace of Ralph Lemon


Ralph Lemon, the acclaimed choreographer/visual artist, recently presented How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere? (October 7-10) at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. After the Fri/8 show, Angela Mattox, the space's Performing Arts Curator, led a question-and- answer session with Lemon and the performers. One audience member asked about a section where video images of animals walked across a screen. First came a dog, then Lemon clad in a rabbit suit, then a flamingo, continuing with an assortment of animals including a giraffe and a walrus. The question pertained to the motivation of the scene. Jim Findlay, the video designer, responded that Lemon’s only direction had been to create grace. At this point Mattox, the curator, began to cry, touched deeply that an artist would strive for grace. The event was moving to witness, but I left with a nagging question: what exactly is grace? Read more »

SFBG Radio: Old ladies love prop 19


In today's episode, Johnny talks about the conservative old ladies at the gym who hate the drug war and love Prop 19. Listen after the jump. Read more »

What not to wear


Predictably, I have no idea what I will be wearing for Halloween. The predicament of an anti-brand costume shopper is a dire one in today's Halloweenie world -- we are forced down one of two routes when celebrating everyone's favorite not-for-kids-anymore holiday. You can (a) do the decent thing and spend hours rummaging through every Goodwill in the city for high five kudos at the house party this weekend or you can (b) drop a cool fifty on a prepackaged 'stume everyone's going to "get" immediately. Read more »

Wikileaks, military families and the importance of voting rights


As Wikileaks' Iraq war logs continue to reveal the disturbing reality of Bush's illegal war, and its founder, Julian Assange, continues to be demonized for leaking this information, military families are left wondering if their loved ones were endangered by the actions of rogue military contractors, if Iraqis were tortured by other Iraqis because of the failure of the Bush administration to crack down on this abuse—and whether the same thing is happening in Afghanistan. Read more »

Street Threads: Look of the Day


Today's look: Mirissa, Fillmore and Sacramento Read more »

sfbg radio: the jobs picture


Today Johnny talks to economist Johnny Venom about the jobs picture. Listen after the jump. Read more »

D10 candidate Eric Smith on Local SF


Coming into work this morning, I was greeted by the sight of D10 candidate Eric Smith standing under a San Francisco Bike Coalition tent near the railroad/freeway intersection at 16th and 7th Street in Potrero Hill.

Curious, I stopped by their tent where I was greeted by a hearty handshake from Smith, and plenty of input from the Bike Coalition’s Marc Caswell and League of Conservation Voters president Amandeep Jawa about why they support Smith. Read more »

Overcoming a foreclosure, Cohen promises to be a "fierce advocate"


D10 candidate Malia Cohen deserves kudos for publicly confronting rumors that she was facing a foreclosure--and for vowing to be a strong advocate, in future.

“I first addressed the rumors publicly a month ago,” said Cohen, who returned to the topic of her foreclosure earlier this week at a San Francisco Housing Coalition candidate night.

You can watch the entire proceedings of the Housing Coalition’s candidate night by clicking on the video clip at the end of this post.Read more »