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Three decades into his career, indie stalwart Jim Jarmusch delivers one of his best films yet

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I watched Rebelution next to Dusty Baker


“Put in this story that you watched Rebelution next to Dusty Baker,” said Dusty Baker. As I stood against the railing on the upper level of the Independent Tuesday night, I was unknowingly chatting up the former San Francisco Giants' manager. The baseball legend chuckled at my slight embarrassment at not recognizing him. He leaned over the railing as he talked about supporting live music and coming here with his best friend from 2nd grade. Read more »

Promo: Dan Savage’s HUMP! Tour (Extra screening added!)


It's the sexiest, funniest, most creative dirty movie fest in the world: HUMP!

Since 2005 the HUMP! Film Festival has challenged ordinary people from all over the Pacific Northwest to become temporary, weekend porn stars-by making their very own five-minute dirty movies for a chance to win big cash prizes! And they did not disappoint! The resulting short films run the gamut of sexual styles: straight, gay, lesbian, transgender... every color in the sexual rainbow... and some we never knew existed.Read more »

Coal export facility considered for Port of Oakland


UPDATE: The Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners voted to reject the proposals.

A company that operates a coal mine in Colorado is looking to ship its fossil fuel products to Asia via the Port of Oakland.

A coalition of environmental organizations sounded the alarm that the Board of Port Commissioners could agree to consider a lease proposal from Bowie Resource Partners to operate a coal export facility at Oakland’s Charles P. Howard Terminal. The board will meet this afternoon.Read more »

Feds indict SFPD cops, alleging a drug ring and shakedowns of the poor


Federal grand juries today indicted four San Francisco Police Department officers, an SFPD sergeant, and a former SFPD officer on a variety of corruption, civil rights violations, and theft charges stemming from illegal raids on poor residents of single room occupancy hotels in San Francisco.

“Our department is shaken,” Police Chief Greg Suhr told reporters at a morning news conference. “This is as serious a matter as I’ve ever encountered in the Police Department.”Read more »

Courtney Barnett gets droll at the Rickshaw Stop


Courtney Barnett at the Rickshaw Stop Monday night.

By Sloane Martin

Standing outside the Rickshaw Stop before Courtney Barnett's set, I'm watching her chat with her bandmates when one of the girls working merch pops out to let Barnett know that they've run out of everything — shirts, albums, posters. "Oh, hang on," Barnett cries. "I think we have a couple more t-shirts in the car!" And she's off, grabbing the minivan keys from her drummer so she can dig out something to sell to San Francisco. Despite the shaggy hair and the tomboy-cool outfit of striped t-shirt, jeans, and Chelsea boots, she genuinely has appreciation for the fans who have come out.

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SF just won the Beyoncé video parody contest


...with this sensuous art film about the deepest love of all, the love of donuts. "Dunkin Love," for your viewing pleasure below, features Bay Area artists Reggie White and Adrian Anchondo, and was shot at our very own, very chilly, Ocean Beach.

The multi-faceted White, it turns out, is also one of the players in Hundred Days, the "folk-rock odyssey" of a musical theater piece that premieres this week at Z Space. All the actors are also musicians, or, you know, amazing parody music video stars — read more about it in this week's issue.

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Feds indict SFPD officers for allegedly stealing from the poor


Update: Click here for the latest as this story develops.

Federal civil rights and corruption charges have been filed against several San Francisco Police Department officers in connection with a series of raids on poor people’s SRO apartments, where the officers allegedly stole property, according to a report by KTVU. Read more »

A personal goodbye to Bush Man 2, RIP


San Francisco has lost one of its own. Gregory Jacobs, KTVU confirmed today, passed away of heart failure last Sunday. 

He’s less known by his full name, but better known by his moniker, “The Bush Man.”

No, he’s not the original Bush Man. That would be David Johnson, who’d been there for 36 years, compared to Jacobs’ 30. Read more »

Synthesizers, saxophones, and one African grey parrot: The Other Minds music festival is a magnet for the avant-garde


By Micah Dubreuil

When Charles Amirkhanian was 5 years old, he received a John Cage record as a gift from his father. It was a mistake — the elder Amirkhanian had taken it to be an album of traditional Armenian music, their cultural heritage. Instead, young Charles was introduced to a sound that was anything but traditional, and in that music for prepared piano, he found a life’s calling. Some 60-odd years later, the director of the Other Minds festival — the West Coast's premiere experimental music event, now in its 19th incarnation — points to that accident as a fairly fortuitous one. Read more »

Eyewitness account from Molotov’s conflicts with Google Glass Explorer’s story


A Google Glass "Explorer" and social media consultant from San Mateo made international headlines after visiting San Francisco for being “verbally and physically assaulted ... because of some Google Glass haters,” she wrote on Facebook.

But her official account of the incident as reported to police conflicts with an eyewitness account from someone who saw the fight unfold.Read more »

Noise Pop goes electronic: The indie rock festival continues branching into booty-shaking territory


By Whitney Phaneuf

Over the course of its 22 years, the Noise Pop Festival has expanded its definition of indie beyond rock and into genres like hip-hop and electronic music. The festival had to evolve with its audience’s eclectic tastes, its general manager Dawson Ludwig explained in a recent interview, without sacrificing the aesthetic that celebrates alternative, DIY culture.

“As the term indie rock has expanded and been redefined, it’s opened itself up to mean a lot of things,” Ludwig said. “Those who buy tickets to Bob Mould are just as likely to buy tickets to DJ Rashad.”

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Big Soda's sketchy grassroots support


The Guardian published a story today fact checking a list of local businesses who oppose the Sugary Beverage Tax, a list used by American Beverage Association funded publicists to slam the tax. The story is getting a lot of attention from health advocates and neighborhood businesses, but the Guardian has heard one question over and over: "Where can we see the list?"Read more »

Nite Trax: Esta Noche to close, adios Esta Noche


Not even a guest starring role on Looking could save beloved Latino-oriented gay dive Esta Noche, alas! According to Eater SF, the Mission favorite is being sold by its owners -- reportedly willingly -- to the team behind SoMa meat market Wish.

The new owners take over next week, but will keep things the same for a while, in order for everyone to have some time to say goodbye. (New Mission businesses, please take note: this is how you help avoid a PR nightmare.) Then get ready for more craft cocktails and loungey vibes, Missionites! Ugh.

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Bike registry program nets 500 in first two weeks


A new program registering San Francisco bicycles and their owners enrolled just over 500 bicyclists in its first two weeks, a small success story in the effort to reunite riders with their stolen bicycles. 

The program in question is Safe Bikes, a joint venture between the SFPD and SF Safe. Cyclists can log onto their website, register their bike’s make and model, and when victims report a bike theft to police they can be reunited with their two wheeled friend just as easily. There are 75,000 bike riders a day in San Francisco, according to the Budget and Legislative Analyst’s office, a buffet of tantalizing goods for bike thieves.  

More than 500 bikes is a small dent in that number, but for only a two week start it isn’t too bad. Safe Bikes Manager Morgan St. Clair said they’ve only just begun their outreach. Next month they plan to host an event at Twitter headquarters, where they’ll give away 50 Kryptonite locks, funded by the San Francisco Police Officers Association. Read more »

Is Newsom on the wrong side of high-speed rail history?


As California struggles to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and meet the long-term transportation needs of a growing population, officials from Gov. Jerry Brown to Mayor Ed Lee have steadfastly supported the embattled California High-Speed Rail Project, which Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom recently withdrew his support from. Read more »