"Come into my parlor, said the spider...etc."


By Cheryl Eddy

Kudos to Peaches Christ and the Midnight Mass gang for, like, totally freaking us out with this past weekend's excellently trashy Beyond the Valley of the Dolls event. (Read our breathless pre-show coverage here.)

The Whoa Nellies kicked off the show with Carrie Nations covers, including a smokin' "Sweet Talkin' Candy Man," and Peaches' Z-Man ensemble was to die for (and maybe even cut heads off for). In attendance: the quite well-preserved trio of Marcia "Petronella" McBroom, Erica "Roxanne" Gavin, and the original Z-Man himself, John La Zar (a San Francisco native, as it turns out).

The Friday night crowd was awesome, as Midnight Mass crowds always are...the film looked spectacular on the big screen, as it always does.

P.S. In case you were wondering (and you know you were), the most famous boobs ever to appear in a Russ Meyer movie -- yep, Z-Man's! -- are now framed and hanging on McBroom's NYC living room wall.

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