WTF of the week


So I was stumbling to work today when a horrible sight stopped me dead in my tracks, made me drop my purse, and burst me into tears. SOMEONE had painted over the Positive Visibility/Women Fight HIV and Invisibility mural at Haight and Scott.


This gorgeously fabulous mural, dedicated to the global struggle of women against HIV, and a tribute to those both living with and passed on from, has provided me with inspiration and a boost of extra courage for over a decade (It was completed in 1995, and was recently restored.)


I don't know what happened -- the City callously covering over graffiti? The liquor store owner next door being pressured to cover graffiti and not knowing what a mural is? Someone just not thinking? It's too well done (and the paint matches the adjoining building) to be a hate crime, but it's harrowing nonetheless. I've contacted Juana Alicia, one of the mural's progenitors, and I'm determined to find out. THIS SUCKS!!! -- Marke B


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