Ignorance is innocence?


By Steven T. Jones
This morning, one of the countless thoughtless motorists making an illegal right turn from Market Street onto the Octavia Boulevard freeway on ramp rolled over a 28-year-old cyclist -- and kept right on going. She's in the hospital with severe injuries, but fortunately, the cops caught him. Unfortunately, they determined that he wasn't guilty of hit-and-run because he wasn't aware that he hit her. Amazing!
Thanks to SFSU professor and bicycle activist Jason Henderson, who brought this to our attention and had this choice assessment: "What investigation? You basically had an officer ask the guy if he knew he hit someone. That to me does not seem like an investigation. This seems like someone told the officer he did not see the cyclist, did not feel a bump, and sped away up the ramp in oblivion. Sounds like a lie to me. This is gross negligence."