Time to ride


By Steven T. Jones
Despite the article's deeply flawed premise, it was nice to see the Chron's Matier and Ross promote this Friday's Critical Mass ride.
wheel.gifAfter the duo whipped drivers into an ill-informed frenzy earlier this month and caused the SFPD to double the promised police presence, we bicyclists will need big numbers on our side to keep the mass moving and show that we won't be shamed or threatened into abandoning this important social protest event. And from what I'm hearing, people are more committed than ever to Critical Mass, creating the possibility that this Friday's event will be huge and fun. Personally, I can't wait.

Yet it's too bad the M&R keep getting things so wrong, such as when they say Mayor Gavin Newsom "has a lot riding on this event...the basic question being whether he can control the city's streets come Friday night.." That's bullshit. On this issue, Newsom has been wise enough to avoid taking the Chron's bait and calling for a Critical Mass crackdown. He never promised to "control" Critical Mass and therefore has nothing riding on this Friday's outcome, unless the police get aggressive and cause problems. The only test we'll see this Friday is of M&R's mass-gone-mad fable, which are like to be shown for the one-sided, self-serving sensationalism that it was.