Perfect storm for Critical Mass


By Steven T. Jones
It's a beautiful day for a bike ride! And San Francisco's daily newspapers are helping set the scene for the biggest Critical Mass ride in years. The latest promotion was the screamer headline on the cover of today's Examiner, "Critical Mass veterans make push for civility." The article was far better than the Chron coverage has been, although it did erroneously note that CM intends to stop at red lights, which has never been part of the deal. All that would do is slow the mass down and place cars in the center of it, which isn't good for them or us (remember, the woman who got her car window broken last month freaked out over being "swarmed" by bikes, which would happen over and over again if a crowd of thousands of bikes kept getting broken up by stoplights). My only concern tonight is with the anger being expressed toward CM among online commenters in places like SFist. But I and others will be out there documenting what happens, so check back to this blog to see how it all went.