Dem Con: Final (maybe) thoughts


By Tim Redmond

You can scroll down a bit and see all of my observations from the state Democratic Convention in San Diego, but now that I'm back, a few last thoughts (until I have more last thoughts):

The most bizarre statement by a major candidate: Hillary Clinton saying that we need to bring illegal immigrants "out of the shadows" -- so we can track them in case they're terrorists.

The most startling fact: Unless I missed something, John Edwards was the only major presidential candidate who mentioned the word "poverty."

Worst sense of history: Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez calling the era of the Clinton presidency "the golden years."

Loser: Hillary Clinton, who started off great but lost the crowd, and got heckled, when she timidly got into Iraq. .

Disappointment: Barack Obama, who came in like a rock star, spoke brilliantly,was great on the war, but offered few specifics and didn't stop to talk to the press.

Winner: John Edwards didn't get to speak until Sunday morning, but I agree with Paul Hogarth: He turned around more delegates than anyone else.

Best speech: hands down, Maxine Waters

Lessons: The bloggers and reform upstarts got their asses kicked by the old guard on some key resolutions. But these folks learn fast, and they'll be back.