Cheap beer and rubber band balls


By Justin Juul

San Francisco has the best liquor stores in the country. Oh sure, you could make the argument that New York City, with all it’s bodegas, and bullet-proof-glass-lined 24-hour sandwich shops is the real leader in this race, but come on. They don’t even sell beer at those places, and well, most of them just don’t have the personality of the shops you find here.

SF liquor stores got class, yo. There’s The S&W Market in the Lower Haight where the Pakistani couple spends all day bitching about the neighbors and stink-eyeing anyone who walks in the door. There’s The Transfer Market on Divisadero where you can barely hear yourself think over the Bhangra tunes blasting from the clerk’s surround sound speakers. There’s Mama’s in Noe Valley with the cool sign, Papa’s in The Castro that always smells like rotten meat, and a whole slew of other mom ‘n pop joints throughout the city where you can enjoy cheap beer, cool people, hot sauce, and some straight up weird shit. But none of these places is as awesome as Pride Superette on the corner of 22nd and Guerrero.

Photo from the SF Chronicle

On the outside, Pride Superette is just a regular corner store; there’s a crappy sign, an outdoor ATM, graffiti, etc. But inside lies a world of weirdness that is distinctly San Franciscan. There’s a bookshelf filled with ancient People magazines and outdated city guides, aisles and aisles of dusty cans, and finally, a gigantic rubber band ball that takes up about a tenth of Pride Superette’s floor space.

The owner, Samir Kashini, has been building his rubber band ball for the past ten years and, although he hasn’t won yet, he’s still a top contender for the next issue of Guinness World’s Records. The Guardian has repeatedly tried to interview Kashini about his ball, but the man simply will not budge. Apparently the last interview he did somehow caused him to lose the Guinness title to some schmuck out in Chicago who Kashini claims gets his rubber bands free from Office Max. So, if you want to see how Kashini’s ball is coming, or if you really need an old pair of Keds or some expired medicine, you’re just gonna have to go check things out for yourself. But don’t even think of bringing a camera. Kashini may seem (sort of) friendly at first, but he will go berserk if he thinks you’re a spy. WTF?

Pride Superette
3398 22nd St., SF

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