Homonuptials: Phyl and Del's wedding, as seen from outside


Hunky Beau and I hightailed it down to City Hall at 5pm today to (we hoped) catch Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, San Francisco's first legally married same-sex couple -- and the city's only one today, symbolically -- emerge triumphantly onto the hall's steps, frantically waving their newly imbued license to the roar of a supportive crowd.

The crowd of hundreds eagerly awaits

Tired, usual bigots in their corner

Signs of support

That crowd was sprinkled with hometown stars, including Ron, former owner of the much-missed Josie's Cabaret and Juice Joint in the Castro and comedian Scott Capurro, who kept the waiting crowd in giggles with occasional surreal outbursts.

Yep, we're gay

The mood in the air was jubilant -- we could hear all the hullaballoo inside the hall, where the ceremony and reception were taking place. But my mother had phoned me to say I shouldn't be late, and of course I was late, and the cops weren't letting anyone else into City Hall, no matter how many times they said they worked for a hip alternative weekly. (We'll have lots of coverage tomorrow when the tsunami of other couples takes "the plunge.")

The Gay and Lesbian Freedom Band played upbeat tunes and someone had hoisted a makeshift wedding chuppa above the crowd, while many whiled away the minutes of anticipation by shouting down the "No Homo Sex Sin Jesus Whatever" people with chants of "Love, love, love" -- which sounded to me like "Chug, chug, chug" and made me sore that I forgot my celebratory same-sex quart of Cuervo at my desk.

Soon we all began applauding random lesbians as they emerged from City Hall -- many of them Phyl and Del's wedding guests.

Hurray for Jewelle Gomez!

Others of us debated which cop guarding the steps was cuter.

My choice

Others' choice

Finally an official looking cop came out and told us that Phyl and Del were too exhausted after the ceremony to come out and bid their well-wishers well. (They're ancient, after all.)

All of which is to say, I got no money shot, but with a loud cheer and lots of tears anyway, the crowd made themselves heard to the legends inside. Even though the event had a bit of a replay feel to it -- not quite as crackling with outlaw excitement as four years ago, we've been through this after all when it was truly revolutionary -- the old salty drops were still dredged up from their bitter depths and unity united the same-sex plaza.

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