Homonuptials: Roiling crowds on Day 1 -- pics


Guardian photog Charles Russo shot the crowd outside City Hall yesterday.

A newlywed prelude to Tuesday's wedding mania?

Though fairly small in number, the anti-gay marriage sect was highly visible Monday evening as several hundred gathered outside of San Francisco's City Hall.

San Franciscan Jana Barber ("I'm here to support love") gives an earful to Bill Hampsmire ("Perverts Repent") of Christians for God -- um, what else would they be for? -- outside of City Hall on Monday evening.


Anti-gay marriage proponent Regin Meadow held a sign that likened San Francisco to the Biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah -- but saltier.

Rob Doughty (left) and Eric Oesterle of Napa share an intimate -- though defiant and deliciously bearish -- moment in front of a Christian banner condemning gay marriage. The two have been a couple since they met at San Francisco's Gay Pride Celebration in 1997.


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