Fashion Hause: Green is (sometimes) good


Style intern Chloe Schildhause talks trends and togs. Check out her last installment here.

Though the green fashion trend has been growing in recent years, it really seemed to take off last summer, with brands like Loomstate, Anya Hindmarch, and Linda Loudermilk using hemp and bamboo materials, as well as catchy slogans, as part of a new design aesthetic. These brands are proof that eco-friendly fashion can be done right. But sadly, most of the clothing I witnessed at the Fashions With Responsibility-sponsored event late last month was less thrilling.

Vanessa Wolfe's designs are green and good.

The fashion showcase, held at 111 Minna Gallery, featured designers who had created eco-friendly garments, i.e. using no sweat shops, composed of fair trade sustainable materials, yadda yadda yadda. Basically: highlighting the fashion trend that’s been growing on the scene for the last few years. Most of what I saw was underwhelming.

But one designer did stand out from the rest. Vanessa Wolfe, lingerie designer for Rose Hips, displayed hand-sewn, delicate undergarments using silk from Bali and lace from France -- all very exotic. The panties are delicate and soft (who said you can’t be a sexy environmentalist?), and always made out of natural fibers or recycled lace when possible. All lingerie, including bras, have a vintage aesthetic (bra designs are often reminiscent of ‘50s-style bikini tops).

In short? Wolfe understands the concept of designing green while still making something pretty. (She doesn’t have a website … check out my photos instead.)

Sustainable is sexy.

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