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Mystery Mister – Haight Street's wild child

Owners and veterans of the local vintage scene, Rochelle Baker and Graciela Ronconi, have stocked their curiosity shop full of clothing, jewelry, and antiques that channel the eccentric vibe of a 1920s bohemian speakeasy or a Victorian parlor.

Browse the shelves and wonder: who's the mystery mister who sported that 19th century sealskin top hat? Or, what mystery missus partied the night away in the irresistibly spangly 60s go-go frock?

Ronconi scouts the threads and jewelry — fur collared coats, Pucci-esque dinner jackets and 1940s cufflinks — while Baker, an ace display designer, peppers the shelves with 1920s illustrated children's books, antlers, anatomical charts, old glass pharmaceutical vials, religious statues, Victorian mirrors, and baskets full of ceramic doll parts.

1506 Haight, SF | (415) 552-4226 |

Piper’s Shoe Parlor – It’s a family thing

Piper's Shoe was founded in 2011 by siblings Justin and Jessica Dega, who hail from a family of entrepreneurs based in the Midwest. Growing up, they lived in a teepee and spent summers in Taos, New Mexico. From their parents – hippies with a passion for collecting antiques – they inherited a reverence for nature and a respect for trades people and their handcrafted wares. Taking inspiration from their shared admiration for the iconography of the Old West and the Southwest, 1960s and ‘70s rock music, working-class heroes, and all things vintage, Justin and Jessica carefully stock Piper's with an exceptional range of quality merchandise, including American made boots and shoes as well as their mother's handmade jewelry.

Piper's 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE is currently running with a different sale every day for the first 12 days of December. Check the Piper's Facebook page for sale details.

1682 Haight Street, SF. (415) 553-6884


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