Volume 44, Issue 21


Volume 44, Issue 21

News & Culture

The future of San Francisco will be written in District 10. Who's ready to be the next supervisor?

Sarah Phelan
Cover Story

Volume 44, Issue 21

News & Culture

With no foreseeable end to California's financial crisis, cities need to take on their own economic destinies and Newsom, as a bitter lame duck, simply can't do that

Tim Redmond

Every single elected official, candidate for office, and political group in the state that isn't entirely bought off by PG&E needs to loudly oppose Prop. 16 — now

Guardian Staff Writers

If the Transit Workers Union is willing to give on just the overtime and part-time driver rules, SFMTA would save $12.4 million in next year's budget

Volume 44, Issue 21

Food & Drink

Hetto heaven! Bin 38 raises plate composition to a high art, with beautiful colors, textures, and arrangements

Paul Reidinger

Knee-deep in the Midwest -- and feeling Pizza Love in the Mission

L.E. Leone

Volume 44, Issue 21

Arts & Culture

 L.A.'s singing cowboys and sistagirls ride the tide of roots revival

Kandia Crazy Horse

Dan Carbone evokes the most unconventional of worlds -- and does it his way

Nicole Gluckstern

Akram Khan Company's bahok pinpoints moments of stability amid global flux

Rita Felciano

Bidding farewell to some Bay nightlife legends, and keepin' on keepin' on

Marke B.

A journey through Tino Sehgal's staged situations — and a talk with the artist

Spencer Young

San Francisco Cinematheque welcomes classic American filmmaker James Benning

Max Goldberg

From R. Kelly to petroleum jelly — our picks from the SFMOMA's 75th anniversary show

Matt Sussman

The Brother Theodore story — a whirlwind of agony and ecstasy

Johnny Ray Huston

Birds & Batteries fly through good and evil and folk and funk

Michael Krimper

Beyond dubstep, Shackleton's promise is a threat

Matt Sussman