Volume 44, Issue 22


Volume 44, Issue 22

News & Culture

The Ellis Act has been responsible for thousands of San Franciscans losing their homes — and a new twist has been developing in Chiu's district

Guardian Staff Writers

Maybe the state has gotten so bad, the red ink so awful, that Californians will finally realize that they can't have good public services for free

Tim Redmond

Heading into the first open-seat race in District 6 in 10 years, we have to take care to not become victims of our own success

Chris Daly

Defenestration Project could get a bright new life before its looming death


Volume 44, Issue 22

Food & Drink

Mirror, mirror: Specchio offers stylishly traditional north-Italian cooking in an ultra-modern Mission setting

Paul Reidinger

Toiling in the tropics...and chili cheese hotlinks in the Mission

L.E. Leone

Volume 44, Issue 22

Arts & Culture

Columbia's new two-volume, eight-film set "Bad Girls of Film Noir"

Ben Terrall

Don't confuse this Brit with Britney. Plus: Midlake and Barn Owl and Daniel Higgs

Kimberly Chun

Tegan and Sara don't want your dirty laundry

Amber Schadewald

Shrinebuilder create a New Testament for the electric church

Ben Richardson

Gotta shake at the party-riot — Galactic's got supafunkrock and sissy bounce

Mosi Reeves

France's Oscar-nominated A Prophet charts a mobster's rise

Kimberly Chun

In praise of Kimberly Reed's stranger-than-fiction Prodigal Sons

Dennis Harvey

Intriguing parties and the music they'll ravish you with

Marke B.

Two new books by San Francisco photographer Jim Marshall intensify the love of music

Johnny Ray Huston
Arts & Culture