Volume 44, Issue 24


Volume 44, Issue 24

News & Culture

How PG&E and Mercury Insurance are spending millions to try to trick Californians into voting for corporate interests

Steven T. Jones, Rebecca Bowe
Cover Story

Volume 44, Issue 24

News & Culture

The Municipal Transportation Agency has not had a management and performance audit since 1996. How is it that an $800 million operation can go for 14 years without that type of evaluation?

David Campos

Filling vacancies in local elected offices

Tim Redmond

Project sponsors are asking for the right to shadow public parkland, turn a city street into a private parking garage, and construct a project far beyond the allowable height for the location

Guardian Staff Writers

Volume 44, Issue 24

Food & Drink

Upping the gastropub ante with refined takes on vegetarian stew and fresh pretzels

Paul Reidinger

Sailing the seven(ish) seas -- and returning to Urbun Burger

L.E. Leone

Volume 44, Issue 24

Arts & Culture

Get ready for a "Night of Lust" at the Red Vic

Dennis Harvey

Eastenders' "Fo/Faux!" revisits, and riffs on, Dario Fo's We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!

Robert Avila

"Spring Forward: Choreographer's Showcase 2010" spotlights a range of new works

Rita Felciano

After seven rockin' years, Sonic Reducer bids adieu with a look back at some choice musical moments

Kimberly Chun

Blood, chocolate, and moral decadence in the weirdness of Xiu Xiu

Brandon Bussolini

Now on the West Coast, High Places charts new spaces

Michelle Broder Van Dyke

Rediscovering the music of Herman Eberitzsch Jr. III

Michael Krimper

Petition and Promised Lands offer different takes on human rights

Swedish thriller The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo nearly lives up to its juicy back story

Dennis Harvey

UK disco edit and electro-funk hero Greg Wilson sails beyond the vinyl revival, reel-to-reel in tow

Marke B.