Volume 44, Issue 25


Volume 44, Issue 25

News & Culture

Party people, watch out: undercover cop Larry Bertrand has declared war on San Francisco nightlife

Steven T. Jones, Rebecca Bowe
Cover Story

Volume 44, Issue 25

News & Culture

The San Francisco Chronicle has a history of firing columnists' with conflicts of interest, so why is Willie Brown an exception?

Tim Redmond

Perhaps the most un-San Franciscan of all Chief Gascon's initiatives is his demand for an ordinance that would literally criminalize the very act of sitting or lying on certain public sidewalks at certain times

Harassing parties and clubs shouldn't be a priority for a cash-strapped city's police department

Guardian Staff Writers

Volume 44, Issue 25

Food & Drink

From tasty to tastebud-searing, playful izakaya-style small plates complement an extensive whisky selection

Paul Reidinger

Back out on the field -- and into Chestnut Diner

L.E. Leone

Volume 44, Issue 25

Arts & Culture

BRUCE ROEHRS, 1950-2010 -- a life of maximum rock 'n' roll

Arts & Culture
Johnny Ray Huston

Metro: 2033 is a little rough around the edges, but still impressive and haunting

Ben Richardson

In Truce, Marilee Talkington describes a life of diminishing sight but growing returns

Robert Avila

Away from the turntable and into the pop skips-and-jumps of the Hood Internet

Mosi Reeves

Part two of the Herman Eberitzsch Jr. III story

Michael Krimper

Flying Lotus heralds a new-old dawn of machines with soul

Michael Krimper

Atom Egoyan's uneven call-girl tale, Chloe

Lynn Rapoport

Jack Cardiff's amazing Technicolor dreams

Matt Sussman

She put the messy in Mexican -- and then came home to Swedish hip-hop, Bowie trannies, Otter Pops, Mossmoss, and more

Marke B.